Ch9 – 76-80, end

I also wanna do a kind of…back cover/closing page after this, just to finish it off, and of course there’s the final Q&A (info here!) and my little essay but, there it is!  The story’s over!
It’s hard to know what to say in this moment, but thank you all for reading and supporting me.  You’ve all seen me go through ups and downs with this comic but your readership is a huge part of why I made it all the way to the end.  I’m excited to eventually do the next thing–and do it better than this one–but for now I think I’ll just relax and take pride in what I can.  Thank you all again so much. ❤

Guest Art: Dani

@dani-m-art​ brings her incredible watercolor skills to the table for this sweet, wonderful illustration!  Look at them…they’re so happy…! ;v; And if you wanna see more of her work, absolutely check out her webcomic Falling Leaves, which has settings and characters loosely based on DNA!

Guest Art: Tori

@sicklyjelly​, as they’re known on Tumblr and Twitter, is a returning guest artist whose work always manages to stun and delight me!  I’m so glad to have them back again for the final installment, and they truly went all-out this time, look at those colors! ❤  You can find their portfolio at !

And as an added bonus: their take on the bathing suit Kaursson could’ve had!  I’m callin’ it canon, folks.

Guest Art: Rey Sutton

I adore this piece!  I love a beautiful Khimaera with tarot card symbology, and the way that gleaming gold pops against the subdued colors.  For more of Rey’s work, you can head on over to her instagram at or read her webcomic, Soldier Poet King!