Guest Art: Spooks

Last but very much not least: a Kaursson illustration worthy of her favorite mystery novels!  I love her suspicious face and the sundial imagery, and the texture of the whole thing!  You can and should check out more of @johndorkbert‘s work at spooksiedo on instagram!

And a MASSIVE THANKS to every person who’s contributed guest art for this final round!  You tided me through what would have been a long, blank hiatus with your beautiful art and I’m so grateful to all of you.

Readers: between other projects and current events, art progress has slowed down a bit!  But you should expect Chapter 9 to kick off by Monday, August 3rd.  I’m thinking every-other-week updates, but who knows, maybe I’ll get some energy back and feel up to five pages a week again!  We’ll just have to see.  Thanks so much for your continued support!

Guest Art: Tori

@sicklyjelly​, as they’re known on Tumblr and Twitter, is a returning guest artist whose work always manages to stun and delight me!  I’m so glad to have them back again for the final installment, and they truly went all-out this time, look at those colors! ❤  You can find their portfolio at !

And as an added bonus: their take on the bathing suit Kaursson could’ve had!  I’m callin’ it canon, folks.