Guest Art: Lozey

lI absolutely love everything about this one!  Casual Lesha-Helia friendship times, Lesha being a Proper Businessman–which is something he definitely has to do sometimes–and just Helia being Helia. ❤ ❤ ❤ A lovely piece from lozeyart​ on Tumblr who is working on an adorable gay webcomic called Below Our Feet!
This is the last of the guest art!  I want to give my deepest thanks to everyone who sent some in or volunteered–I needed this break pretty badly and you guys gave me the time I needed, along with a slew of wonderful art!!  Truly a win-win situation. ❤ War in the Shade will be back with weekly five-page updates next Monday!

Guest Art: Jess

I love the delicacy of this piece by @frikckle on Twitter!  It’s like War in the Shade…the shoujo manga. ❤ Everyone’s expressions are so perfect, especially Kaursson and Chazei being all flustered!  Absolutely precious. ❤

Guest Art: Edie

This version of the dinner party is so much better for my heart, tbh.  Edie’s drawings are so adorable!!  Ada IS a snacc!!  You can find more art at @trash-art-by-me​ on Tumblr!! Bless this comic and get me a solo cup.

Guest Art: Dani (cw; choking)

Dani’s penwork and lovely metaphorical details are totally flooring!!  I love the shading on Ada’s hair and the scratchy, chunky lines in those shadowy hands. ❤ You can find more of Dani’s art on Tumblr at @dani-m-art, and the delightful webcomic @fallingleavescomic–it has cute characters, an intriguing premise, and of course the same lovely art you see here!
(content warning just in case)

Guest Art: Fermi

Fermi, appropriately named lostinthesand on Instagram, contributed this lovely piece of KelZei guest art!  I love the textures in this one…the hidden faces…the halo/moon motif… //chef kiss!

Guest Art: Victoria

Victoria is a returning guest and a tremendous comics artist!!  I’m in love with these soft colors and perfect characterization! ❤ It’s just…//chef kiss/ . You can find more beautiful art @sicklyjelly on Tumblr and Twitter (sweet brand consistency)!

Guest Art: Pidge

Today’s well-deserved nap in the shade comes from Pidge, or @pigeon_toes_ on instagram and Twitter!  I love how peaceful and safe they look…they deserve this… ;v; Thank you, Pidge!

Guest Art: avercwh

Today’s moontage brought to you by @avercwh, who can be found under that name on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr (talk about brand consistency!). You can also check out her portfolio here:
I love the muted colors and waxing moon imagery in this one!! A sweet, tender look at Kaursson and Chazei’s evolving relationship. ❤

Guest Art: Birb

It’s guest art time!!  This year we’re starting off with a gorgeous Cross-Khimaera-Ada piece by Birb (@justrydarkthings on Tumblr and @tief_ingalong on Twitter)–longtime reader and creator of the adorable musician character at the engagement party! Quite apart from all the excellent symbolism in this one, I’m a big fan of Khimaera-bust’s golden eyes and tears.  Beautiful and sad. ;v;