Guest Art: Pseudocon


Kicking off the post-chapter interlude with this gorgeous (and ominous) illustration of Cross from the super-skilled Pseudocon–you can find her portfolio here!  (That shading!  Those textures!!) And you can turn in an essay on the symbolism in this image for extra credit. :>

Guest Art: Sadie L.


Today’s guest art comes from the wonderful Sadie L., also known as incandescaent​ on Tumblr!  She’s put her delicious atmospheric painting skills to use for a beautiful tender hand-holding moment between Ada and Khimaera.  I am!  Full of emotions!!  Thank you Sadie!!

Guest Art: mckee11223


This week’s guest art comes from mckee11223​ on Tumblr!  In all the trouble of getting my new computer going yesterday I totally forgot it was a WitS update day… ;v;
mckee11223​ was observant enough to spot that Helia got that wheel of cheese from Kaursson!  Now, originally it was intended for Cross, but if he didn’t want it, I can confirm that Hangbed would 100% make a dress for a cheese wheel.
My absolute favorite panel is the third one–it makes me laugh every time. eue

Guest Art: Victoria Smith


An absolutely adorable Khimaera – Ada comic from Victoria Smith!  These two deserve time for dorky shenanigans and this concept is so delightful.  You can find more of V.S. on Twitter and Tumblr as @sicklyboring and their portfolio here: