Guest Art: Carson

The care and detail put into these flowers…the way they’re covering half of Ada’s face… *chef kiss* What a privilege, to see such a lovely painting of my girl!  If you want to see more of Carson’s work, you can check them out as @princegabriel on Tumblr or @notabene_moth on Twitter and Instagrame!

Guest Art: Dani

@dani-m-art​ brings her incredible watercolor skills to the table for this sweet, wonderful illustration!  Look at them…they’re so happy…! ;v; And if you wanna see more of her work, absolutely check out her webcomic Falling Leaves, which has settings and characters loosely based on DNA!

Guest Art: Tori

@sicklyjelly​, as they’re known on Tumblr and Twitter, is a returning guest artist whose work always manages to stun and delight me!  I’m so glad to have them back again for the final installment, and they truly went all-out this time, look at those colors! ❤  You can find their portfolio at !

And as an added bonus: their take on the bathing suit Kaursson could’ve had!  I’m callin’ it canon, folks.