Ch8 – Cover + 1-5

Welcome one and all to Chapter 8! As you can see, I’m trying something a little different–now no one will have to backspace through a five-page update to see the beginning! If for some reason it doesn’t work out for you, please let me know ASAP!

6 thoughts on “Ch8 – Cover + 1-5

  1. i- loVE this comic so much, and you’ve kind of inspired me even more to do a comic of my own (side note- i’ve tried like,, twice? to do a comic but i just lost interest or motivation to do it sO- hopefully i can make a better attempt at my new comic idea 🙂 ) anyway, are you taking guest artists still? i want to try something different and i think it could look cool with your characters! (geez- didn’t mean to post a paragraph,,)


  2. have you ever that about merging the world from your CHURCH and HEAVEN videos into WITS, they both seem to have a least some magic so it’s not a super stretch. also, I just want to Know mooooooore about it, it’s super intriguing and heartwarming my guy.


    • Not really! I don’t think of WitS as being the kind of world that has non-human sentient species in it, and also I like the worldbuilding in Church so much more than WitS lol, I don’t wanna taint it


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