5 thoughts on “Ch6 – 80

  1. ;;;;; I’m really counting on the comfort part of this hurt/comfort comic ;;n;; I need to see Ada in a better place and away from this
    The composition of this week’s pages are really great btw!


  2. AAHHH!!! my heart ;;;0;;; I love LOVE the pace you’re going thru rn, I think Ada and Khimaera are so good together but it’s also stressful with Cross in the mix. Also! Amazing job with the rope motif, I couldn’t have been more satisfied to see when it broke (but that also hurts my heart lol) hope to see Di and Kaurrson develop more, that bit about Di’s gods/goddesses was so so sweet and romantic ;w; <3333


  3. Omg this suspense is killing me! I love it!! (I’m a new reader btw. I binge read up until now and I absolutely love your comic!)


  4. Saw your amimatic “Church” on YouTube and I loved it! I needed to see more of your works, and this one is soooooooooooo good!!!!
    I read it all on the same day and can’t wait for updates and where this story is leading!
    And your drawing style is just wonderful!!
    The way you get the expression on point and how even the little details in story and drawings are well thought out is really great!!
    Thank you for your wonderful work!!!!


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