3 thoughts on “Ch6 – 10

    • What if the rope was Khimaera’s tolerance? It first appears behind him, slightly damaged, then progressively wears away as things get worse – Ada puts on a false smile for Cross, then Khimaera recalls all the times Cross was nasty (which is always), either to him or Ada. The sinew of the ropes slowly snap and give way as more and more stress is put on Khimaera, (which increased as Hangbed asked about the situation, since Khimaera feels like he SHOULD be doing something but he isn’t, and he feels guilty for that) but he is still trying his best to hold on, hoping that somehow things will work out even though he knows they won’t. So if the rope breaks, then so does Khimaera’s patience on the matter. He is no longer able to sit idly by and let Cross bully whoever he wants, and see Ada get manipulated by him. (But if he does do something, then things could still go horribly wrong and could end up even worse for him and Ada, and Khimaera doesn’t want to hurt Ada hhhhhhh I’m getting worked up even thinking about it)

      Or maybe I’m just overthinking things….
      metaphors and symbolism are the greatest and this comic has been full of them its honestly such a blessing dhajsdkjkjbjd

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