12 thoughts on “Ch5 – 75

  1. ‘take care of’ is often used as a euphemism for killing.
    Cross is a gangster, I sure wouldn’t feel comforted if he said that to me.
    It’s a threat if he really means it or not. If he doesn’t take care of her mother she might die, and if he ‘takes care’ of her mother she’ll definitely will.

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    • y’know, I didn’t even think of the double meaning, but yes for sure!! he shuts her down, draws her sympathy, and then basically says, in nice language “if you don’t marry me you’ll be letting your mom down, possibly fatally”. absolutely a threat, but making it seem like it would be her fault.

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  2. I just wanted to let you know few things.

    1. I love your story
    2. I love your art (this comic, animations and ect in youtube)
    3. You are doing great job but please allow yourself to take a break if you need it
    4. I will flip a table if Khimaera breaks that arm of his opponent

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    • yo thanks so much!! I really appreciate it! honestly I’ve been able to take it easy for a month and a half because I had a huge buffer of pages, so don’t worry about me! ^u^9 as for arm-breaking…hm….


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