5 thoughts on “Ch5 – 63

  1. I like the contrast between how cool and badass Khimaera is on a physical/professional level and how quickly he turns into bumbling when emotions are involved. I’d love to know how he feels about taking Sijan down like that, but Cross’ intervention will surely make everything nasty and garbled up.

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    • Also, quick and minor nitpick: where is Khimaera’s left hand supposed to be in the third panel? Is it below his right arm to close the headlock? It might be obvious, but I’m a bit confused.


      • Re: first comment, he doesn’t feel good about it at all! obviously he couldn’t let Sijan through, but he really feels for the guy too. it’s a big complicated mess.
        Re: second comment, uuuhhhhh I think it’s also gripping the sword! just kind of hidden behind his sleeve? or just poorly drawn, haha


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