3 thoughts on “Ch5 – 18

  1. Kaursson didn’t even picked up her die for this one xD Sports HYPE! I wonder how deep will you go on this and how much time did you spent thinking up rules and whatnot (I’ve got a lil compulsive worldbuilding disorder)

    (I wonder if Chazei is starting her own Heartbreak Club here)

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    • Haha, yessss!! I’ve put a little thought into the rules–not in great depth, just enough to know the basic shape of the game so I can draw it happening! Here’s what I’ve got:
      -General structure is like soccer, so you have one goal at either end of the court, and you win by getting the hoop in the goal (or possibly around a stick inside the goal, I haven’t really drawn it yet!)
      -As in basketball, you can’t just pick up the item (a hoop in this case rather than a ball)–you have to roll the hoop while running, and stop to throw it.
      -Excessive roughhousing is against the rules, but there’s a bit of a gray area on what “excessive” means so everyone’s been elbowed or whacked in the shins with a stick at some point
      -Probably something about not looping your stick through the hoop while it’s in motion to steal it away–gotta hit the outside and roll it.
      (Chazei absolutely has a few crushes comin’ her way! She is too cheerful and friendly not to, I think @v@)

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