6 thoughts on “Ch4 – 56

  1. A really cool moment! You can see the focus narrow on their stare – Cross’ barely hidden annoyance and contempt vs Khimaera’s dead glare, daring him to call him out on his perfectly-aimed insult at that horrible Amiada; as despicable as Cross is, his character causes every kind of interesting reaction from the rest of the cast (even Helia takes a pause when he backhandedly insults her)


      • I’m awfully late, but let’s clarify it anyway:

        Khimaera’s insult toward Amiada isn’t back-handed, just woven in high-class doublespeak: emphasys on “is lucky” and “good” (stressing and hesitation) turns the meaning of the sentence on its head, coming off along the lines of: “Ada’s so cursed to have your mannerless ass around to bully her and teach f**kall.” But since it’s said in high-class “language”, Amiada and Cross are lost at different points of the axis “did he just dare to say that?”-“did he just learned that in five minutes?”

        The backhanded insult is Cross’s, addressed at Helia, like in Ch5-6 where she says “let me think” and his instant reply is “not your specialty”. Helia’s good at rolling with the verbal punches, but even she has a moment of “you smarmy bastard”.


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