Guest Art: Lozey

Kicking off what is probably our last round of guest art, we have pal and all-around good guy @lozeyart!  A gorgeous and intimidating rendition of local bastard man Cross Thederin, with some obscure symbolism in there to boot… >u> Lozey is the creator of a sweet, super-gay webcomic called Below Our Feet, and the second chapter is just starting right now so it is the perfect time to jump on board!

Guest Art: Birb

It’s guest art time!!  This year we’re starting off with a gorgeous Cross-Khimaera-Ada piece by Birb (@justrydarkthings on Tumblr and @tief_ingalong on Twitter)–longtime reader and creator of the adorable musician character at the engagement party! Quite apart from all the excellent symbolism in this one, I’m a big fan of Khimaera-bust’s golden eyes and tears.  Beautiful and sad. ;v;


I had wanted to post these as actual filler pages in between the chapters but I seem to have forgotten to!  I’m hoping to make an “Extras” page where I can link to this stuff, but while I’m getting that sorted, here’s the archive of WitS Q&A on tumblr:

Showing newest first!  It should be noted that the entirety of old answers may no longer be entirely canonical, especially when it comes to backstory stuff.  Anything that hasn’t been solidified as canon in-comic is constantly shifting!!  Webcomics are like that, apparently.