WitS Ch9 Q&A 1: Making WitS

The answer is “yes, when the agony of creation allowed it.” ❤
Q+A updates will be every Monday at least, but I’d love to toss them up more often since they can be so quick to draw?  We’ll see!

Guest Art: Spooks

Last but very much not least: a Kaursson illustration worthy of her favorite mystery novels!  I love her suspicious face and the sundial imagery, and the texture of the whole thing!  You can and should check out more of @johndorkbert‘s work at spooksiedo on instagram!

And a MASSIVE THANKS to every person who’s contributed guest art for this final round!  You tided me through what would have been a long, blank hiatus with your beautiful art and I’m so grateful to all of you.

Readers: between other projects and current events, art progress has slowed down a bit!  But you should expect Chapter 9 to kick off by Monday, August 3rd.  I’m thinking every-other-week updates, but who knows, maybe I’ll get some energy back and feel up to five pages a week again!  We’ll just have to see.  Thanks so much for your continued support!

Guest Art: Carson

The care and detail put into these flowers…the way they’re covering half of Ada’s face… *chef kiss* What a privilege, to see such a lovely painting of my girl!  If you want to see more of Carson’s work, you can check them out as @princegabriel on Tumblr or @notabene_moth on Twitter and Instagrame!

Guest Art: Dani

@dani-m-art​ brings her incredible watercolor skills to the table for this sweet, wonderful illustration!  Look at them…they’re so happy…! ;v; And if you wanna see more of her work, absolutely check out her webcomic Falling Leaves, which has settings and characters loosely based on DNA!

Guest Art: Tori

@sicklyjelly​, as they’re known on Tumblr and Twitter, is a returning guest artist whose work always manages to stun and delight me!  I’m so glad to have them back again for the final installment, and they truly went all-out this time, look at those colors! ❤  You can find their portfolio at sicklyjelly.com !

And as an added bonus: their take on the bathing suit Kaursson could’ve had!  I’m callin’ it canon, folks.

Guest Art: Rey Sutton

I adore this piece!  I love a beautiful Khimaera with tarot card symbology, and the way that gleaming gold pops against the subdued colors.  For more of Rey’s work, you can head on over to her instagram at @r.j.s.art or read her webcomic, Soldier Poet King!

Guest Art: Fae

Switching it up today with a heart-wrenching Bad Ending from @faengeling-art on Tumblr.  Poor Ada…but also it’s so beautiful! And I’m always a sucker for flower symbolism, of course. >.>

Guest Art: KrazyOnKatnip

Today’s piece from @krazyonkatnipart from Tumblr finds ada and Khimaera in the happy ending they deserve, and with an adorable woolly friend, no less!  I love how cute and animateable their designs are here! ❤

Guest Art: Kammy

A sweet, sad poster from WitS Discord regular KammyClues!  I love the soft lighting on this one–it’s simply elegant and full of truly excellent Hand Symbolism…  //chef kiss