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Hobbies: helping people, cooking, drinking


Hobbies: agriculture, babysitting, dancing


The kind of guy who will take no for an answer, but make sure you regret it. | Hobbies: winemaking, lovemaking, murder


Hobbies: parkour!!, eating, wrestling (all kinds)


Hobbies: work reading


Hobbies: starting drama, dining and dashing, conning people

Caebrin (she/her) and Tianae (he/him) (22)

(KEH-brin) (tee-AH-neh)

Caebrin and Tianae are Daer by birth but grew up in the city of Deepwell, so their priorities and principles aren’t quite the same as Khimaera’s.  They act as Cross’s personal bodyguards and are phenomenally good at it.  Caebrin is more cautious and mature, while Tianae is forward and flirtatious.

Hangbed (18)

A tailoring/clothing design prodigy working as the barely-paid assistant of the ostensible best tailor in Deepwell.  Hangbed is supremely confident in his skills but oddly disinterested in fame or fortune.  “Hangbed” is a localized translation of his nickname at home in Regany.

Elida Feldon (52)

(eh-LEE-dah FELL-dun)

Ada’s mother, currently unconscious in a hospital bed.

Lesha Shuvasu

(LEH-sha shoo-VAH-soo)

One of Cross’s friends.  Mysterious.