I had wanted to post these as actual filler pages in between the chapters but I seem to have forgotten to!  I’m hoping to make an “Extras” page where I can link to this stuff, but while I’m getting that sorted, here’s the archive of WitS Q&A on tumblr:


Showing newest first!  It should be noted that the entirety of old answers may no longer be entirely canonical, especially when it comes to backstory stuff.  Anything that hasn’t been solidified as canon in-comic is constantly shifting!!  Webcomics are like that, apparently.

Exciting News~!

(Or, at least, I’m excited for it!)

I’ve drawn all the remaining pages in Chapter 3, so until I’ve posted all of it I’ll be doing weekly updates!  I think that’s another four weeks of pages, and I’m super excited to share them!!  As usual, Patreon will be getting week-early updates, which means that tomorrow patron’s will see the update for the 17th, and so on and so forth.

After that, I’ll do the customary two-week break during which I do my Q&A (it’s possible there will be fresh questions after this chapter, and if not I can always send some to myself, haha!)

Thanks for reading!! ^O^