Chapter 1: A Ring is a Collar is a Ring

A Daer proverb advising against wearing jewelry/piercings, especially to signify a commitment. | In which proposals are made and partnerships are formed.


Chapter 2: There’s More Than One Page in a Book

A Dansleyan proverb about first impressions. | In which everyone gets to know each other, and Khimaera and Ada cross paths with the cops.


Chapter 3: Follow a Scorpion, Find a Nest

A Daer proverb, usually used to admonish someone who seems to have gone looking for trouble. | In which Chazei and Ada stumble into trouble.


Chapter 4: It’s Easy to Put on Sandals

A Dansleyan proverb about taking small steps in a larger plan.  The full version goes “It’s hard to make the journey but it’s easy to put on sandals”.  | In which etiquette lessons begin and Khimaera and Ada go drinking.


Chapter 5: It’s a Snake With Two Heads

A Daer proverb about revenge. | In which the cops bond over sports and Ada visits her mother in the hospital.


Q&A: The Thederins | The Hangbed Corner | Employment Tag Removal | Cross’s Hair | The Hangbed Corner II | Let’s All Fight Cross | Accents

Chapter 6: Rot Will Out

A Dansleyan proverb about concealing one’s true unpleasant nature. | In which there is an engagement party.


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