Some Announcements

Hi, guys!  I’m revving up to start drawing again, and Chapter 9 will be kicking off soon.  I hope you’re all excited for the end of the story!  

Life is going okay for me overall, but I’ve got some big stuff going on artwise behind the scenes, so I’m opting back into the Every Other Monday schedule for now!  At least now the banner will be accurate… >.>

We have one more guest artist to go, so I’ll save my effusive thanks on that front for the upcoming Monday!

One last thing: I’ve already plotted out my no-spoilers retrospective essay for when the comic’s done!  I’ll make it available as a written piece and a video, and I want it to be the first thing people see before they read the comic in the future.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and it seems like the best way to reconcile my discomfort over some aspects of the comic with not wanting to immediately yank it out from under long-term readers.

Here’s the outline in Google Docs, as a treat:

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