Q&A Again, News(?)

//sits down, ostentatiously crosses legs

Hello friends, neighbors, and readers!  Chapter 7 looks like it’s gonna be a short one–just a few more updates to go–so by all means, if there’s anything you’d like to ask me or the characters, go for it! 

(That’s a link to the askbox of the WitS blog on Tumblr, but you can also leave comments on this post if you’re so inclined.) And if you want to look at the previous Q&A posts to see what I’ve already answered, you can check out the Archive page for links!

Unrelated: I didn’t manage to make a lot of the changes to the site that I wanted, but I hope one day to get my rear in gear and email back the person who offered to do transcripts.

I went through a weird patch after Chapter 6 where I was feeling pretty gray about this comic, but with the rest of the story planned out and ready to go, and only two chapters and an epilogue to go after Chapter 7, I think I can make it happen. Especially if I can keep up this pace!

Thank you for all your support and comments, they mean the world to me. ❤

8 thoughts on “Q&A Again, News(?)

  1. OH no, so little left! I’m sad to see everyone leaving us, but I hope it frees you to do something else you enjoy!! Do you already have a plan for your next work, or are you going to take a break from comics?


  2. Aaawww, bless you I’m glad you’re enjoying it!! I do have another comic plan in the works (or two, rather, and I keep going back and forth on which one I wanna do), plus a radio play I’ve been scripting in my spare time, and a narrative music video animatic in progress… So, there might be a break from comics in there somewhere, I guess is the answer here, but I definitely want to make more in the future! ^u^b
    This’ll be the first time I’ve actually finished such a long-form comic, so I’m really excited about that!


  3. I hope it’s ok to ask more than one question, I sent an ask with a bunch of them .-. Maybe the first one I could have asked here, now that I think of it ^-^”


  4. Ummm so I came here from a link on YouTube that was in a channel by the name of emptyfeet… I haven’t actually read any of the comics here but I plan to sometime… But I actually had a question for the YouTube channel… If it isn’t your channel… Do you know who’s it is? And if it is your channel, do you plan to make more parts then 3 for the Divine series? The series is doing so good so far! Would love to see more… Thanksies! Have a good day!


  5. Ok. I generally love this webcomic, esp. your art. Specifically, I have to say that panel 11 had me literally laughing out loud. The very image of a mind blown.


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