Hopes, Dreams! Goals?

A few things, just some general housekeeping:

  1. WitS has an official Twitter now–not just my personal Twitter–which means if you want a nice clean TL with WitS updates but without all the extra stuff from me, you got it!  @warintheshade on Twitter is your place.
  2. There’s also a RedBubble!  Not much on there now but keep your eye on it for prints and sundry!  (https://www.redbubble.com/people/toastyhat?asc=u)
  3. I’m hoping to get some little things fixed–make it so you can click the pages to move forward, and also so you don’t have to scroll down past the banner when you click next…  Gonna have to ask a friendquaintance for coding help. =v=
  4. WordPress has done some stuff and now the pages are automatically smaller??  Is this a concern for anyone?  Is it better?  Worse??  I’m trying to figure out whether I should change it back or let it be.
  5. Also, I need a new Patreon video.  That’s mostly unrelated though.

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