End of Chapter 5, Q + A Announcement

Thank you all so much for reading!!  We’re leaving on a tense note…Cross has convinced Ada to double down on her bad decision, Khimaera’s stress levels are through the roof, and all Kaursson and Chazei’s progress seems to have been undone!

This is gonna be some party…

Now that the chapter is over, it’s time for another Q&A! Curious about a plot thing?  Want some worldbuilding info? Got a pressing question for one of the characters? Leave your questions here, on the WitS Extras blog!

We’ll also be kicking off with one gorgeous piece of guest art that I’ve been waiting all chapter to share with y’all!  It’s gonna be a real good time. ❤  WitS proper will return with its usual update schedule on  10/29/’18, or on the 22nd for my wonderful supporters on Patreon, who will be two updates ahead as usual.

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